Brimstone Spa & Spa Deli in the Lake District - The Langdale Hotel & Spa

Your Brimstone Spa Experience

a space to rest the body and the mind ...

Your Brimstone Spa Experience

a space to rest the body and the mind ...

The Waterside Hotel Rooms at The Langdale Hotel & Spa
The Waterside Hotel Rooms at The Langdale Hotel & Spa
The Waterside Hotel Rooms at The Langdale Hotel & Spa
The Waterside Hotel Rooms at The Langdale Hotel & Spa
The Waterside Hotel Rooms at The Langdale Hotel & Spa
The Waterside Hotel Rooms at The Langdale Hotel & Spa
The Waterside Hotel Rooms at The Langdale Hotel & Spa

Thoughtfully designed with luxury relaxation at its core, Brimstone Spa allows each individual to indulge in a tranquil Lake District spa experience, combining architectural elegance with stimulating revival experiences.

Set in the heart of the English Lake District and surrounded by breathtaking scenery and some of the finest walking, biking and climbing locations on the Country.  The Langdale Estate offers a choice of luxury hotel & self catering accommodation, spa experiences and therapies, restaurant and bar.

Created for optimal rejuvenation and well-being benefits, our tailored ‘Spa Journey’ leads you through each element of the spa, allowing you to gain the most from your experience. Grab your robe, slip on your complimentary Brimstone flip flops and choose from an array of Salt Inhalation Bags to join you on your journey, each offering an individual scent and a variation of benefits.

As you head into the spa, explore the seven thermal experiences and five individual relaxation areas. Soak it up in the indoor relaxation pool, where jets and fountains massage and stimulate. Or swim outside where you’ll meet the refreshing, and often brisk fresh air which pleasantly contrasts with the warmth of the pool, as you take in the breath-taking surroundings.

Outdoors, if the picturesque views of the Estate and Lake District fells isn’t already enough for you to unwind, chill out (or should we say warm up) by the cosy open fire, or in the traditional Finnish sauna.

Feeling a bit peckish after all the hard work you’ve been doing? We thought so. The Spa Deli is exclusive to Brimstone Spa guests, with a menu focused on not only feeding your hunger, but replenishing, revitalising, and of course, a bit of indulgence too. Tuck into a light snack, something sweet, or enjoy a choice of hot and cold beverages (or maybe even something a little stronger), all in the comfort of your own robe.

We ask all guests sharing their time in the spa with friends and family via a phone or tablet, to be respectful of other spa guests. Thank you. 

Entry to the Brimstone Spa  - £45 per person

Price includes access to all thermal experiences, relaxation areas, the relaxation pool and Spa Deli.

(available to residents of The Langdale Hotel & Langdale Estate only, booking essential, subject to availability)

Opening Times

9am to 8pm - Monday to Thursday
9am to 9pm - Friday to Sunday

Relaxation Pool

The centrepiece of the Thermal Experience, the 9-metre relaxation pool offers a combination of inside and outside relaxation areas. Enjoy one of the two bubble experiences, immerse yourself into the Swan-Neck water fountain, or simply take in the view of the surrounding Lakeland scenery.

Mineral Steam Bath

Originally operated with hot springs, and considered a hub of the Roman social scene, mineral steam baths are now a more relaxing, private affair. With temperatures ranging between 42°C and 45°C, combined with a humidity of almost 100%, the mineral steam bath encourages comfortable perspiring without any undue stress on the body.

Lava Sauna

Embracing the natural warmth and vibrant colour of lava, the Lava Sauna continues the theme of heat and fire, with its temperature reaching between 80°C to 100°C. The heat of the lava sauna, followed by a cold shower or the ice flakes taken from the ice fountain, promotes and stimulates improved circulation.

Herbal Sauna

The herbal sauna embraces the powerful benefits of natural herbs. Placed above the sauna oven, carefully selected herbs unfold as the steam from the cabin releases their natural aromas, covering the sauna with a blanket of scents, along with extracting their natural healing effects.

Finnish Sauna

Traditional and toasty, with windows looking out across the Estate, the Finnish sauna promotes a calming and soothing experience. With a temperature of 80°C to 100°C, the Finnish sauna is the perfect place to unwind and watch the world go by.

Himalaya Salt Steam

Reaching a temperature of 45°C and a humidity of 100%, the cabin utilizes the natural benefits of Himalayan salt. Gently heating the body, the cabin is filled with magnesium enriched steam, stimulating blood circulation and beginning a process of purifying and detoxifying.


Historically a dry sweating room for the Romans, along with the only form of warm bath for the Spartans, Laconium radiates heat to 55°C. Relax in the warm, tranquil atmosphere.

Ice Fountain

Located at the centre of the spa experience, the Ice Fountain is more than just a sensational visual experience, as guests are encouraged to make use of the Ice Fountain immediately after their heat experiences. The ice flakes held within, create an electrifying and invigorating treatment, with the sensation of the ice flakes gently meeting the skin, stimulating the improvement of circulation, along with also strengthening the immune system.

Pure Alchemy spa product logo

Brimstone Spa Therapies

Inspired by our home, our bespoke product range, Pure Alchemy, incorporates natural elements from the Lake District. Working closely with one of the UK’s leading natural skin care producers, Pure Lakes, we have developed an exclusive product range only available at Brimstone Spa.

"If you're looking for a seriously sexy spa, this is the place to go"

The Times

Brimstone Spa Deli

Enjoy a relaxing lunch, coffee ... or something a little stronger, in the exclusive Brimstone Spa Deli.

What’s the difference between the facilities in Brimstone Spa and Langdale leisure facilities?

Brimstone Spa is an all new Spa experience for adults to enjoy spa therapies and relaxing thermal experiences.  Brimstone Spa is exclusive to guests staying at The Langdale Estate only.

The Langdale leisure facilities are complimentary to guests staying on the Estate and include an indoor heated pool and gym.

Where is Brimstone Spa located?

Brimstone Spa is located on the Estate above the Langdale leisure facilities.

Is The Bubble Private Spa pricing per person or per couple?

The Bubble Room  is a double treatment area with its own private facilities and experiences and is priced per couple. It is available for a 3 hour experience, and includes a 90 minute treatment per person.

What are the health benefits of visiting the thermal experiences?

Just relaxing is one of the best health benefits. The thermal experiences have various individual claimed health benefits.  These are available in the thermal experience descriptions.

What's included with the Spa treatments?

All guests who book Spa Treatments can also enjoy the facilities at Brimstone Spa before and after their appointment.

Is it the Spa suitable for children?

Langdale leisure facilities are perfect for families. Brimstone Spa is an adult environment, and somewhere for adults to relax and chill out

Can you use the spa when pregnant?

Yes but pregnant women should take advice from their health professional as to which experiences to avoid

What do I need to bring with me when i visit the Spa?

Robes, towels and flip-flops are provided .... you'll need to bring your own swimwear!

Can i swim in the pool?

The 9 metre pool is designed for relaxation not swimming, and contains water jets and fountains. The pool in the Langdale leisure facilities is designed for swimming and has a dedicated swimming lane.

How long before my therapy should I arrive?

It is recommended that you arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before your treatment.  If you're unsure, please ask your therapist at the time of booking.

Please get in touch - 015394 38014

Brimstone Spa is only available to Langdale Hotel guests and residents of the Langdale Estate.