Pure Alchemy Spa Collection

Pure Alchemy at Brimstone Spa 

/ 6th March 2020 /

With breathtaking views, tranquil crystal-clear waters and quaint villages, what’s not to love about the Lake District. Proud of our home, it is a huge part of our ethos to give our guests a real taste of the Lake District here at Langdale.

Pairing up with a range of local producers, many elements across our Estate incorporate Lake District inspired features, allowing us to show off our roots wherever we can. Whether this be local wood and slate used within the contemporary decor, fresh Cumbrian produce on the menu or a range of local beverages stocked at the bar, we aim to offer the full Lake District experience to our guests when they visit. 

Pure Lakes

Based only 12 miles from the Estate, local natural skincare producers, Pure Lakes, have supplied Langdale with their award-winning range for years. Creating natural, sustainable and biodegradable products, with ingredients derived from the World Heritage Site, Pure Lakes truly encompass the raw beauty of the Lake District throughout their brand.

From nourishing hand cream, to lathering bath foam, and silky lip balm, their products have been inspired and produced within the Lake District, each of which include a mixture of natural blends and aromas, offering an individual scent.

Our on-going relationship with Pure Lakes is constantly evolving, integrating their products across our business for our guests to enjoy. But it doesn’t end there.

Pure Alchemy

In 2017, the arrival of our new spa was on the horizon. As anticipation and excitement built, we realised that to offer the ultimate experience to our guests, we needed to give them something totally unique.

Combining our strong partnership with Pure Lakes and our continued love for their products, it only felt right to take our relationship to the next level. It was at this moment that our personal, bespoke brand, Pure Alchemy was born.

Exclusive to Brimstone Spa, Pure Alchemy is a unique collection of products which incorporate a variety of specifically selected local ingredients, embracing the natural surroundings of the Langdale Estate. Inspired by not only the natural beauty of the local area, but the ancient art of spa, the collection combines the two to ensure the optimal relaxation experience.

Carefully created with our guests in mind, the collection includes three luxury products, all of which promote local ingredients to offer a true Lake District spa experience. Our salt scrub, body butter and essential oils are available in four different natural blends; Star Anise, Violet Leaf, Lavender and gentle, an un-fragranced blend for those with sensitive skin. Each blend offers different aromas and benefits so guests can choose from a range of treatments to destress, recharge and indulge.

Our Blends

Each of our blends have been sourced from local and natural elements, taking into consideration their natural fragrance and health benefits.

Star Anise, amplifying a strong liquorice fragrance, offers benefits of aiding muscular aches and pains and can be considered to help stimulate blood flow and encourage bodily function and wellbeing. Perfect for if you’ve been out on the fells all day!

An earthy fragrance with subtle floral overtones, Violet Leaf acquires calming and comforting properties. And Lavender, an all-rounder with a variety of benefits, can be considered particularly beneficial to calm restlessness and induce brain activity.

Salt Inhalation

Along with the treatment products, guests of the spa are offered a salt inhalation bag to take with them on their relaxation journey. Again, each offering a different scent. Guests are encouraged to select their inhalation bag using their sense of smell as it is usual that the body will naturally prefer the scent of the bag it is most in need of at that time, so most of the time, no other information about the bag is revealed until chosen.

Exclusive to Brimstone Spa

Our collaboration with Pure Lakes allows us to offer an exclusive, Lake District spa experience for our guests that they can’t get anywhere else. Indulgent, luxurious and of course, locally sourced, Pure Alchemy represents all we stand for at Langdale.

And if you love it just as much as we do, take a piece of the Lakes home with you. Our full range of products are available to buy at Brimstone Spa, making the perfect gift or simply a little treat from you to you.